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You won’t be able to figure out the perfect time immediately but perform some A/B tests to identify which timeframes seem to do best and explore those in future campaigns. So to keep your list fresh and filled with engaged subscribers, it’s a good idea to periodically remove inactive subscribers. An inactive subscriber could be anyone who has not engaged with any email in the past 6 months or more.

That makes the email seem a whole lot more personal and makes it less likely that your recipients will simply delete your message and move on. When writing your emails, put your corporate hat to the side and write like a friend. This is the only way to really appeal to your subscribers and get them to open and click your emails. If you are having trouble with this, send out an email asking for a quick five-minute chat. On the call, you can ask questions that will help you understand what your subscribers’ needs are, and how they think. For some great subject line examples, we’ve written a whole post on the best converting email subject lines. When it comes to email open and click rates, your subject lines are everything.

Here’s an example of a funny email that gets sent to subscribers who have been inactive for a while. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a comedian in order to pull off a humorous email.

The best part is, once you’ve created this, your work is carried out, so that you can focus on the particular important aspects of your company. You can also place funny animated GIFs in to your emails, or an amusing video. Again, you don’t need to be a comedian to add humor and personality into your emails, you just need to think outside the box.


It’s more important to really know your recipients and what they’ll respond to. If you know their likes and dislikes, it will be so much easier to pull off a joke or make a tongue-in-cheek comment. It’s not always easy to be clever or humorous, and trying to fit your attempt into the narrow constraints of an email subject line? Humor has a way of making a strong, instant connection with people. It’s personal, entertaining, and sticks out in peoples’ minds.

Include an easy way for subscribers to opt-out of your emails. Show subscribers how to whitelist your emails, and ask them to add you to their address book. That is an IP address that hasn’t been used by someone else who has sent spam in the past. Make sure all recipients have actually opted-in to receiving your emails. There are several factors that play a role in whether or not your emails get opened.