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To foster a vibrant esports ecosystem and community in Southeast Asia, the Singtel Group launched PVP Esports, ASEAN’s first multi-game, multi-country esports platform in 2018. The platform kicked off the PVP Esports Championship in 2018, a pro-level tournament which attracted over 13 million views across the region and 3, 000 attendees over the event weekend. Learn how to go beyond the tried-and-true pathways to improve discoverability, create community, and scale your mobile business. , Sony announced new PlayStation Studios branding for its first-party PS5 games. Sony will be using the new PlayStation Studios brand for its first-party exclusives going forward as a way to let customers know that a game comes from one of Sony’s in-house development teams. In May 2020, Sony announced new PlayStation Studios branding for its first-party PS5 games.

A second freeze on approvals started in February 2019, as any further approvals on new games were suspending until the committee has been able to clear the backlog of the titles from the prior freeze. By this point, only about 350 games had been approved from the previous freeze.

The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of “Gaming industry in Asia Pacific” and take you straight to the corresponding statistics. China introduced a pilot version of its first content rating system in December 2020, the “Online Game Age-Appropriateness Warning” system. It uses three color-based classifications, green for “8+”, blue for “12+”, and yellow for “16+”. Nintendo claims that, as of February 14, 2008, China remains the main source of manufacturing pirated Nintendo DS and Wii games.

Tencent had been planning on distributing and monetizing from Fortnite Battle Royale via this method before this route was closed. , with over 490 million players, counting only those on personal computers; since consoles were still banned, these numbers do not take console players into account. Newzoo uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, updates, and services. Newzoo uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content and services.

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Popular IP from PC and console are increasingly coming over to the mobile side, with Mario Kart, Call of Duty and Pokemon Go each having well over 1 million downloads in their first months. New business opportunities are available for publishers to taking their established IP over to mobile, and they aren’t likely to leave that cash on the table. The release of Aerial Warfare and Jurassic means the software developer now offers 49 titles to operators, with 25 more slots, table games and scratch cards to come in 2016. Asia Gaming will be showcasing its latest live casino innovations along with a complete solution for online gaming operators at the event, which will be hosted at the Venetian Macao on May 17-19, 2016.

As shown in Newzoo Pro, Southeast Asia’s esports audience was just shy of 30 million at the end of 2019—up 22% from the year before. SEA’s top-played franchise on PC is League of Legends, while the most popular on console is FIFA. There are fewer titles available in the battle arena genre on mobile and the annualized sports genre on console. Every major country/market in the region สล็อตออนไลน์ sa is mobile-first in terms of game preferences. Some negative impact is possible in the sector as we move forward to iOS 14, where users will be required to “opt-in” to app data tracking, where before they were required to manually opt-out. Hyper-casual games will hurt from this the most, as they have previously used the data garnered from this racking to target ads at their users.